Contrafotografía blends excellent photography with political activism and a punk ethos

Venezia Fabrica Futura: An eco-critical laboratory explores Venice’s fragile ecosystem

Ada Sokół Art Lab: The Eccentric Botanist’s Room of Typographic Wonder

The collaborative publication “Abwesenheitsnotiz” combines photographs of Mascha Dilger with poetry by Celine Radloff

The interdisciplinary group show “Simulacrum 24/7” draws upon the idea of the mockup as the ultimate IRL-URL fusion

The design studio ZAINA invited 15 photographers to capture the essence of vacationing at home

Open the portal to TARAXIA, a sonic world of escapism and contemplation

HeedLess collaborated with DJ GÄP, Lithe, POL 100 for a sonic deconstruction of breakups 

The collaborative project space ‘soft power’ encourages constructive, oppositional, and fluid discourses through art

Exploring the “Genius Loci” of an old monastery: Ten designers form a temporary collective to embark on a journey of self-reflection, creative exchange, and learning

Riso sur Mer is a experimental riso-printing collective, collaborating across continents

“A Line Wich Forms a Volume 3” fosters collaboration between emergent and established research practices in design

The identity for FIGaia presents poetry in an unconventional and expressive way

ICBQ magazine offers a place for forgotten side projects and rejected proposals

The Exhibition “New Wave” showcases eleven contemporary typefaces by fourteen talented designers

“Unknown Pleasure”: Yuen Hsieh on his collaborative, virtual exhibition

Strong contrasts and broken off curves

Publishing in times of information crisis

Designing solid, but smart work

Two heads are better than one!

the personality of custom typefaces

Review of the Year 2019

Poetic and unconventional: Creating images through typography

Design as visual exploration of time and space

Experimental club night with captivating visuality

That’s how it is. Cestainsi.

“Good communication is key”

Pushing geographical and typographical boundaries

Form follows feelings

Opening the inner Gates

A tribute to vaporwave