Piero Beninato and Valerio Monopoli’s font family “Jubilee” marries the pomp of the British royal family and the UK’s most notorious font Gill Sans to create something entirely new

Created by Mat Desjardins and Caio Kondo, pangram pangram’s latest release “Air” is a captivating fusion of minimalism and brutalism

FLINT*ype aims to increase visibility and accessibility of typefaces from FLINTA* designers from all over the globe

Lucas Descroix and Benjamin Dumond collaborate on their experimental typeface Ready to celebrate the launch of type foundry Plain Form

The co-founders of Hanzer Liccini on the balancing act between service, innovation, and experimentation

Victoria Englund and Wille Larsson on ‘Vanadiso’, a sharp, yet sophisticated display typeface

Raphael Jérôme Schmitt and Fabio Furlani on ‘Thalwil Grotesk’, a typeface inspired by the old letterings on the signs at Swiss railway stations

Valerio Monopoli and TYPE01 release their typeface Korium, a contemporary sans with angular shapes and a badass attitude

BASE10 by Maia Kjendle invites 20 typographers to explore numbers as art objects

The experimental collaboration by Lana Soufeh and Andrea Biggio fuses two different cultures into one visual outcome

The typeface ‘Aliénor’ by Anne-Dauphine Borione and Lou Rainaldo is a mixture of elegance and extravagance

C24 Archive One – Book about Collaborations

Sophia Brinkgerd and Leonhard Laupichler celebrate the release of New Aesthetic 2, this time in collaboration with publishing house Sorry Press

Alice Sherwin and Harry Bennett design the first issue of TYPEONE, the bi-annual magazine of type-based platform Type01

Jonas Baun Andersen initiates a virtual group exhibition showcasing eleven contemporary and disruptive typefaces

NEW DAWN | Tools to Touch in Times Ahead envisions a speculative future around one central object: the glove

Raissa Pardini brings creatives from across the world together to create Group, a collaborative typeface raising money for charities

Panama Papers Office on their collaboration with artist Timur Si-Qin for his Solo-Show “Take Me, I Love You” and the meaning of spirituality for the 21st century

Studio Nari and Margot Lévêque on their typeface “Aura”, a modern interpretation of the mystical language Lingua Ignota

This year’s identity of The Antwerp Poster Festival by ssnn and Typelab showcases experimental type design

Delve into the vibrant artworks of Karina Yazylyan in collaboration with type.today

The identity for FIGaia presents poetry in an unconventional and expressive way

János Hunor Vári on “Dunno How to Write”, a project about experimental type design

The Exhibition “New Wave” showcases eleven contemporary typefaces by fourteen talented designers

The digital playground “Drawing a Letter Up in a Tree” by Leah Maldonado pushes the boundaries of type design

The new typeface “Unknown” by Alexander Raffl and Lukas Haider comes in three systematic, but experimental styles

Cindy Kutíková and Jiri Mocek on their type-led approach and launching a studio in the future

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The design of the “It’s a book” fair 2018 is between the OLD and the NEW

Virgile Flores, Victor Sillon and Merlin Blondel created an unreal world based on unnatural sounds

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‘Mughal‘ typeface turned from a game into an on-going collaboration

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