Club Late Music, HIDE Productions and Over my Body join forces to explore meta-collaboration in two new releases

Meet Emir Karyo and Jan Wojda: The creative duo embracing unpredictability and imperfection

Amsterdam’s Minimal Collective explores the power of multidisciplinary community building

Join Dante on his path to rebirth with the audiovisual work “Espiazione” by POL100 and Cecco Meraviglia

Paola Bombelli and Alice Zani create a fluid identity for “Italy: The New Collective Landscape,” an exhibition exploring contemporary Italian design

Broos Stoffels and Illias Teirlinck take you through a hop-on/hop-off tour through Brussels, celebrating the multifaceted city

Meet HUGMUN—the multifaceted studio designing meaningful, sustainable, and enjoyable brands

Y2k design meets 3D art at an Albanian train station in Collaboration Works by Dr4gstor

Celebrating its first release “Take-Off,” the record label Intermission introduces its new visual identity designed by Jose Houdini and Adrián Zorzano

Raman Djafari and Dominik Keller created a supernatural visual language for DJ Piper’s debut album “A Dream In A Dream”

The co-founders of Hanzer Liccini on the balancing act between service, innovation, and experimentation

Take a dive into the second issue of PRESENT which explores the role of vulnerability in creative processes

Rafid Bhuiyan, Br.6ndon, and Augustine Flett from Arc-12 on the release of their first book Jesus Wept and the collaborative nature of their collective

Hvnter on the evolution of his style, his passion for graphic design, and his recent collaborations 

Lisa Eder and Fekry Helal invite twenty artists to explore the beauty of mundane objects in their first issue of ‘Alltag’

Glass celebrates the release of ‘Anxiety Prime’ on Comic Sans Records, a deep, contrasted, and intense sonic collage

Ludwig Wandinger on his long-term collaboration with Donnie Fredericks and the recent release of their song and music video ‘Suffer’

Tim Lindacher and Yosh Schreiner create a modular design system for Live From Earth Klub

Introducing the multidisciplinary projects of Paris-based design studio Zoo

Re:Action serves as an inspiring digital archive for the creative community’s response to world events

Margot Lévêque on the design of the book of photographer Aude Le Barbey and her collaboration with Ines Cox

The illustrative zine ‘Onomatopee’ by Broos Stoffels and Lukas Verstraete explores the visual representation of sound

The experimental collaboration by Lana Soufeh and Andrea Biggio fuses two different cultures into one visual outcome

The book ‘Transhuman Archive’ by Stella Klump, Leonie Krein and Moritz Büsselberg explores the effects of transhumanism in our times

C24 Archive One – Book about Collaborations

Tessa Meeus and Alex Walker talk us through the creative process behind the book ‘Design Dedication’, edited by Annelys de Vet and published by Valiz

Mark Bohle and Raffael Kormann turn their 80-piece collection of posters for Kulturzentrum Merlin into a playful publication

Public Possession is all about fun, experimentation and the importance of friendship

How Baz and Yosh designed a series of shirts to support MS Zufriedenheit

Aran and Dylan Quinn’s brand Nah is all about self-expression and not taking yourself too seriously

Lucile Martin and Julien Pik on the collaborative and playful practice of their studio Alliage

Lennart Van den Bossche and Corbin Mahieu on the identity system for PILAR, the launch of their new studio and the importance of a creative network

Nikolai Dobreff on his vision behind Heart Directors Club, a collaborative initiative using design as a tool to support charities

The work of Andrej & Andrej is always playful and experimental, without lacking functionality or quality

Laila Saber Rodriguez and Andrea Galano Toro on the research-driven practice and raw, visual language of their collective Cruda

Review of the year 2020

Europium’s collaborative practice explores the relationship between photography and graphic design

Florian Brennemann and Léo Marsal from Diplomatie Studio on finding the right balance between rules and experimentation

NEW DAWN | Tools to Touch in Times Ahead envisions a speculative future around one central object: the glove

Jorge Léon and Mikel Romero from Studio Léon Romero on their experimental approach and building up an collaborative network with like-minded creatives

The open-source and collaborative music label Club Late Music explores new ways of producing and promoting music

Sara Bastai, Maciej Czubak and Fernando Espeso talk us through Gel Illusions, an interactive archive exploring the concept of memories

Jose Godino and Christian Rodríguez from Cárter Studio thrive off collaboration and experimentation

Colin Doerffler and Max Langenbacher on the fluid design for Dissolute’s Liquid Identity Series

Delphine Lejeune and Jonathan Castro on their design for Quadratschulz’s new EP and the huge impact of music on their work

Virgile Flores on the first issue of Syn1+1, a journal about musical and visual collaborations

Desire Press on the importance of collaboration, their unconventional design process and the beauty of banality

Liel Bomberg and Karin Kimel talk us through PAG, a platform and event series offering a safe space for gender trouble and radical expression

Pedro Ajo and Christopher Noort on the Isolation Nation Shirt and their collaborative practice

The newly founded design studio Horah Inc. explores the relation between CGI images and IRL display

Alex Grace Hayes and Paulius Daunys on the second issue of LoveMag, a non-profit project that truly comes from passion

This year’s identity of The Antwerp Poster Festival by ssnn and Typelab showcases experimental type design

Maximilian Mauracher and David Rindlisbacher on their methodical and precise collaborative practice

Delve into the vibrant artworks of Karina Yazylyan in collaboration with

“Free Poster” by Matter Of connects artistic productions within public and private spaces through an expressive poster series

“A Line Wich Forms a Volume 3” fosters collaboration between emergent and established research practices in design

Defining Good Work: Yacinth Pos and Jordy Ringeling talk us through their collaborative process

Timur Irgashov and Oris Sheol on their own interpretation of contemporary design for the music industry

The identity for FIGaia presents poetry in an unconventional and expressive way

The magazine “Rife” by Hiatus Collective taps the full potential of digital publishing

The collaborative “Stay at Home Print Club” by Superkolor connects artists worldwide and spreads positivity in times of crisis

The digital playground “Drawing a Letter Up in a Tree” by Leah Maldonado pushes the boundaries of type design

Camille Bourdon and Arthur Nabi’s deck designs celebrate the playfulness and funkiness of skateboard culture

The new typeface “Unknown” by Alexander Raffl and Lukas Haider comes in three systematic, but experimental styles

Eugénie Roy and Juliette Buschini on creating the identity for “Semaine Folle” at ISBA

Everpress launched their first collaboration focused collection

Armands Freibergs and Kom Tillbaka’s collaboration turns typographical sketches into 3D art

Cindy Kutíková and Jiri Mocek on their type-led approach and launching a studio in the future

No rules, no borders

Strong contrasts and broken off curves

Publishing in times of information crisis

Designing ideas and aesthetics of the future

The clear and context-driven approach of

Welcome to the future of animated, real-life objects

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Review of the Year 2019

Seeking for contemporary, fresh and unexpected ways

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At the intersection of art and design

In search of typographic solutions

The forces behind the visuality of a “Malleable Identity”

Uniting design, sound and digital technology

Fashion as a voice of the present

An interaction between eye-catching details and new technologies

The design of the “It’s a book” fair 2018 is between the OLD and the NEW

Virgile Flores, Victor Sillon and Merlin Blondel created an unreal world based on unnatural sounds

A new era of Design: Introducing @Dragoy1 and @Wiesboy

Probable trust: A mixed media installation about trust in Blockchain technology

Poetic and unconventional: Creating images through typography

Design as visual exploration of time and space

Learning at the core of every collaboration

Trapped in motion and sound: designing a new electric macrocosmos

An ecletic mixture of internet aesthetics and art nouveau

Keeping an eye on the bigger picture

combining graphic design with musical and cultural roots

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