Open Call

The illustrative zine ‘Onomatopee’ by Broos Stoffels and Lukas Verstraete explores the visual representation of sound

The experimental collaboration by Lana Soufeh and Andrea Biggio fuses two different cultures into one visual outcome

The book ‘Transhuman Archive’ by Stella Klump, Leonie Krein and Moritz Büsselberg explores the effects of transhumanism in our times

“A Line Wich Forms a Volume 3” fosters collaboration between emergent and established research practices in design

The identity for FIGaia presents poetry in an unconventional and expressive way

No rules, no borders

Strong contrasts and broken off curves

Publishing in times of information crisis

Designing solid, but smart work

Two heads are better than one!

Review of the Year 2019

Uniting design, sound and digital technology

Poetic and unconventional: Creating images through typography

Design as visual exploration of time and space

That’s how it is. Cestainsi.

“Good communication is key”

Pushing geographical and typographical boundaries

Form follows feelings

Opening the inner Gates

A tribute to vaporwave