Exploring the “Genius Loci” of an old monastery: Ten designers form a temporary collective to embark on a journey of self-reflection, creative exchange, and learning

BASE10 by Maia Kjendle invites 20 typographers to explore numbers as art objects

Maximilian Mauracher and David Rindlisbacher team up with Herwig Scherabon and Refrakt to merge sound, art and augmented reality into ENTKUNSTUNG’s fifth record

Errolson Hugh and Rod Chong on SKY ANY COLOUR, a digital group exhibition by ACRONYM ® and ROG bringing together over 50 artists to explore the future

The interdisciplinary collaboration between MaggZ and Human Imitation aspires the de-sexualization of nudity

C24 Archive One – Book about Collaborations

Riso sur Mer is a experimental riso-printing collective, collaborating across continents

Public Possession is all about fun, experimentation and the importance of friendship

The music video ‘Monja Rebelde’ by Juan Duarte and Guillerrrmo explores the intertwinement between our online and offline worlds

The work of Andrej & Andrej is always playful and experimental, without lacking functionality or quality

Cristina Varabiev on Spaces for bodies, a group exhibition exploring the influence of virtual and physical realities on the representation of body and space

Laila Saber Rodriguez and Andrea Galano Toro on the research-driven practice and raw, visual language of their collective Cruda

Jonas Baun Andersen initiates a virtual group exhibition showcasing eleven contemporary and disruptive typefaces

Pietro Michi on the collaborative music label Biodiversità, an independent platform with a strong focus on sound research, experimentation and biomusic

Nina Doll and Steffen Bewer talk us through the process of creating the otherworldly cover story with Dorian Electra for Bricks Magazine

Gabriel Massan talks us through the process of curating Alteamento, a virtual group exhibition featuring the work of 22 international artists

Delphine Lejeune and Jonathan Castro on their design for Quadratschulz’s new EP and the huge impact of music on their work

The collaboration between Aleksandrs Breže and Andris Eglītis blurs the line between nature and technology

Liel Bomberg and Karin Kimel talk us through PAG, a platform and event series offering a safe space for gender trouble and radical expression

The virtual group show SOAP by Ozziline Bill, Brenna Horrox and Daniel Pope inverts exhibition-going culture within a gaming software

Marlene Kager and Maximilian Prag on their digital festival Yanchi and the intertwining of real and virtual events

Ada Sokół on evolving her “malleable” identity into a high-quality jewelry collection

János Hunor Vári on “Dunno How to Write”, a project about experimental type design

The new typeface “Unknown” by Alexander Raffl and Lukas Haider comes in three systematic, but experimental styles

“Unknown Pleasure”: Yuen Hsieh on his collaborative, virtual exhibition

No rules, no borders

Welcome to the future of animated, real-life objects

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Probable trust: A mixed media installation about trust in Blockchain technology

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Experimental club night with captivating visuality