Ada Sokół Art Lab: The Eccentric Botanist’s Room of Typographic Wonder

HOLON presents ‘LOOM’ by ATELIER-E, a never-ending weaving machine of algorithmic patterns and sounds

Glass celebrates the release of ‘Anxiety Prime’ on Comic Sans Records, a deep, contrasted, and intense sonic collage

‘Art of Seeing’ by Carter Fools and Lukas Keysell takes you on an audio-visual journey for the eyes and mind to wander through

Maximilian Mauracher and David Rindlisbacher team up with Herwig Scherabon and Refrakt to merge sound, art and augmented reality into ENTKUNSTUNG’s fifth record

C24 Archive One – Book about Collaborations

NEW DAWN | Tools to Touch in Times Ahead envisions a speculative future around one central object: the glove

Pietro Michi on the collaborative music label Biodiversità, an independent platform with a strong focus on sound research, experimentation and biomusic

The open-source and collaborative music label Club Late Music explores new ways of producing and promoting music

Sara Bastai, Maciej Czubak and Fernando Espeso talk us through Gel Illusions, an interactive archive exploring the concept of memories

Marlene Kager and Maximilian Prag on their digital festival Yanchi and the intertwining of real and virtual events

Dean Giffin and Vitaly Grossman on capturing the fragility of nature in their animation “Vanham”

“Unknown Pleasure”: Yuen Hsieh on his collaborative, virtual exhibition

Uniting design, sound and digital technology

Virgile Flores, Victor Sillon and Merlin Blondel created an unreal world based on unnatural sounds

Trapped in motion and sound: designing a new electric macrocosmos

Opening the inner Gates