Step into the immersive environment of “Energy Drinks & Bisexual Lighting” by Harriet Davey and snake_case

Ada Sokół Art Lab: The Eccentric Botanist’s Room of Typographic Wonder

Powered by friendship, collaboration, and passion, Super Model Services 3D take 3D animation and video direction to the next level

Initiated by MONOMANGO, HOLON invites you to experience a new format for art, music, tech, and design

Studio Taktika and Kushagra Gupta create colorful 3D characters for the visual identity of BLON

Building a Sustainable Internet: Ada Sokół on the eco-friendly, energy-efficient redesign of her website, in collaboration with Zofka Kofta and the Digital Ecology Institute

Carl Herner and Wille Larsson on creating the animation series ‘Nacka Dynamics’, consisting of three animated robots

Constantin John, Felix Neumann, and Philipp Dittmar from Verydeeprecords collaborate on an astonishing 360-degree experience to celebrate the release of the LP “Transform”

Solo Show is an interface for offsite exhibitions and independent creative work, initiated by Torre Alain and Ian Bruner

Polina Krichko and Yaroslav Svyatykh’s collaboration ‘Eidos’ is a mix of science-fiction and hyper-reality

Ludwig Wandinger on his long-term collaboration with Donnie Fredericks and the recent release of their song and music video ‘Suffer’

Output Field presents Skin Garden, a virtual exhibition about bodies positioned against the current landscape of CG art

The interdisciplinary collaboration between MaggZ and Human Imitation aspires the de-sexualization of nudity

C24 Archive One – Book about Collaborations

Amor Gavez and Luka Lavrenci combine illustration, mech design and CGI art to create futuristic and hyper-stylized animations

NEW DAWN | Tools to Touch in Times Ahead envisions a speculative future around one central object: the glove

Nina Doll and Steffen Bewer talk us through the process of creating the otherworldly cover story with Dorian Electra for Bricks Magazine

The open-source and collaborative music label Club Late Music explores new ways of producing and promoting music

Gabriel Massan talks us through the process of curating Alteamento, a virtual group exhibition featuring the work of 22 international artists

The collaboration between Aleksandrs Breže and Andris Eglītis blurs the line between nature and technology

Liel Bomberg and Karin Kimel talk us through PAG, a platform and event series offering a safe space for gender trouble and radical expression

The virtual group show SOAP by Ozziline Bill, Brenna Horrox and Daniel Pope inverts exhibition-going culture within a gaming software

The newly founded design studio Horah Inc. explores the relation between CGI images and IRL display

Marlene Kager and Maximilian Prag on their digital festival Yanchi and the intertwining of real and virtual events

Ada Sokół on evolving her “malleable” identity into a high-quality jewelry collection

The 3D Artwork “Acceleration Waltz” by James Jirat Patradoon and Jonathan Watkins feels like a dream state

Armands Freibergs and Kom Tillbaka’s collaboration turns typographical sketches into 3D art

Dean Giffin and Vitaly Grossman on capturing the fragility of nature in their animation “Vanham”

“Unknown Pleasure”: Yuen Hsieh on his collaborative, virtual exhibition

Designing ideas and aesthetics of the future

The clear and context-driven approach of

Welcome to the future of animated, real-life objects

Seeking for contemporary, fresh and unexpected ways

The forces behind the visuality of a “Malleable Identity”

An interaction between eye-catching details and new technologies

Virgile Flores, Victor Sillon and Merlin Blondel created an unreal world based on unnatural sounds

A new era of Design: Introducing @Dragoy1 and @Wiesboy

Trapped in motion and sound: designing a new electric macrocosmos

Experimental club night with captivating visuality