C24 is an independent online platform, exploring collaboration as a creative practice. By interviewing international, talented artists and featuring their projects, the platform gives not only an insight into the creative process, it also spreads an important message: learning from each other and fusing our energy into one project can make all the difference.

The presented projects range from design and art to music, fashion, CGI, art and animation and are therefore representative of the contemporary creative scene.

C24 is Berlin-based, non-commercial, and operates with its international team worldwide. Founded in 2019.

Advancing into collaborative formats beyond the screen, C24 published its first book ‘C24 Archive One’ in 2021, followed by the group show ‘Next’ at Soho House Berlin 2022 in co-production with movement and multimedia artist MaggZ. The second edition of the event is planned for August 2023.

Through these experiences, the team behind Collide24 was able to build strong communication, social and administrative skills to organize events, realize successful crowdfunding projects and build an international, creative community.


[Paula de Álvaro]

[Sophia Brinkgerd]



[Laura Csocsán]

[Collin Doerffler]

[Virgile Flores]

[Florian Seidel]

Submit your collaboration

As a platform for collaborations, we are always looking for creatives from every kind of creative field who would like to be presented with their project. We welcome all genres and disciplines, including design, music, art, film, 3D art, fashion, animation, illustration and many more. 


Your submission must be original material and – as we only feature collaborative works – it has to be created by at least two or more people in collaboration with each other. As much as we love seeing your work, please don’t send us any material that has been created by you only without any other party involved. 

Please provide us with a link to your portfolio, Behance or Instagram account, or YouTube/Vimeo video. Feel free to make more than one submission, if you have more collaborations you would like to show. Your submission will be reviewed by our editorial team.


Ana Henriques

Benedict Bueb
[he/him] [Author]

Diana Kovrigina

[she/they] [Producer & Performance Art Consultant ]

Lena Manger
[she/they] [Author &  Founder]

Kevin Moll
[he/they] [Founder]

Emma Lang

Join our Team

We are looking for talented people with whom we can collaborate, such as artists, editors, designers, musicians or photographer in the areas of 3D, experimental, fashion, marketing, social media, VR or web development. We are always open to new ideas and perspectives.