Hvnter on the evolution of his style, his passion for graphic design, and his recent collaborations 

Following the work of Hvnter, one cannot help but notice the number of high-quality projects the Australian graphic designer is producing at such a fast pace. Initially planning to become a concept artist, he viewed working in the field of graphic design as a more realistic career option. Over the years, he honed his craft and started freelancing during his last year of university, before now working full-time after graduating. 

While he usually prefers to work by himself, Hvnter has collaborated with several artists in the past, among them Edgar MedallaDragoy, and Datura Hex. “Lately, I’ve found it very refreshing to work with other artists. I usually prefer to work with artists with a very different skill set who focus, for example, on 3D software,” Hvnter explains. He views these collaborations as a welcome break from his commissions to have fun and experiment. “I don’t usually do very much research when it comes to these types of projects. Other than finding visual inspiration, I usually just work on the first idea that pops into my head and go from there.”

©Hvnter and Datura Hex, 2021

When collaborating with other artists—mostly from the field of CG/CGI—Hvnter uses his distinct style to integrate his typographic experiments with the 3D artwork. “Most of the time, the other artist will have some artwork that they’re currently working on or have already finished. Then I’ll work on the title design based on the style of artwork, and then compose the final design by combining everything and adding any refinements,” he explains. In his recent collaboration with Dragoy—which is one of his favorite projects to date—the duo experimented with color, typography, and 3D textures. “While I worked on some flat typography, they turned that into a 3D render with lots of different options for procedural textures. It was very satisfying to see my flat type turned into such detailed work.”

©Hvnter and Edgar Medalla, 2021
©Hvnter and Outside.Inc, 2021

Hvnter was drawn to design and visual expression from a young age, trying out many mediums such as animation, fine art, and digital concept art. With his work sitting somewhere between graphic design and illustration, the designer has an emphasis on creating bold and expressive logotypes. “For the last year, I’ve been very inspired by the whole 2000’s wave of design, and the nostalgic feeling attached which is what has grown my skillset and gained me a lot of exposure,” he tells C24. “Currently, I’d say I’m moving away from that style as my personal interests shift to more medieval/fantasy influences. So I think my design style will always be representative of my own interests.”

Whether own projects or collaborations, his exceptionally distinctive style and his love for details permeate all of Hvnter’s work. The designer has pushed himself to produce a piece almost daily for the past years, improving his overall eye for design and skill set. “ I’d say there’s been a lot of development in my confidence to leave trends behind and try out new things—as opposed to just doing what works,” he tells us. “I care less for like counts and instagram stats now, which has led me to feel much free-er and also more passionate about the work I share.”

His success, however, is the result of hard work and a good routine. “I usually work on client commissions in the morning, then personal designs, artist collaborations, and creating digital assets in the afternoon. I think a big part of it is, of course, that I’m very passionate about what I do and I enjoy the process,” he explains. 

At the moment, Hvnter is working on developing his skillset in 3D software to incorporate more CGI/CG into his practice. With another medium now under his belt and a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline, 2022 seems to become a similarly productive year for the talented creative. 

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