Contrafotografía blends excellent photography with political activism and a punk ethos

Designed by Max Schropp, the book “Cura Golpe” offers an in-depth look into the creative process of artist Edgar Unger

The collaborative publication “Abwesenheitsnotiz” combines photographs of Mascha Dilger with poetry by Celine Radloff

Working collaboratively across continents: Meet Julia Luckmann and Scene Peng from In Good Company

The recent collaboration between Lana Soufeh and Moritz Jekat aims at raising awareness for domestic violence by deconstructing the concept of home

The magazine “Ruhm & Ego” by Sophia Weider and Lucas Hesse encourages you to get started on your next passion project

Raw, playful, and unapologetic: Discover the independent magazine “Synchron” by Lea Kloepel and Johannes Farfsing

Take a dive into the second issue of PRESENT which explores the role of vulnerability in creative processes

Max Arff, Sam Kim, and Dokho Shin on the design of the book “(How) do we (want to) work (together) (as (socially engaged) designers (students and neighbors)) (in neoliberal times)?”, initiated by Jesko Fezer and Studio Experimentelles Design

Rafid Bhuiyan, Br.6ndon, and Augustine Flett from Arc-12 on the release of their first book Jesus Wept and the collaborative nature of their collective

The book ‘Transhuman Archive’ by Stella Klump, Leonie Krein and Moritz Büsselberg explores the effects of transhumanism in our times

The book Still Life, published by Same Paper and designed by Han Gao, invites thirteen photographers to reflect on the medium in times of the pandemic

C24 Archive One – Book about Collaborations

Tessa Meeus and Alex Walker talk us through the creative process behind the book ‘Design Dedication’, edited by Annelys de Vet and published by Valiz

Nikolai Dobreff on his vision behind Heart Directors Club, a collaborative initiative using design as a tool to support charities

Sophia Brinkgerd and Leonhard Laupichler celebrate the release of New Aesthetic 2, this time in collaboration with publishing house Sorry Press

Alice Sherwin and Harry Bennett design the first issue of TYPEONE, the bi-annual magazine of type-based platform Type01

Jorge Léon and Mikel Romero from Studio Léon Romero on their experimental approach and building up an collaborative network with like-minded creatives

Virgile Flores on the first issue of Syn1+1, a journal about musical and visual collaborations

Desire Press on the importance of collaboration, their unconventional design process and the beauty of banality

Alex Grace Hayes and Paulius Daunys on the second issue of LoveMag, a non-profit project that truly comes from passion

Maximilian Mauracher and David Rindlisbacher on their methodical and precise collaborative practice

“A Line Wich Forms a Volume 3” fosters collaboration between emergent and established research practices in design

ICBQ magazine offers a place for forgotten side projects and rejected proposals

Paola Bombelli’s book “12—12” invites 24 artists to explore our understanding of time

Eugénie Roy and Juliette Buschini on creating the identity for “Semaine Folle” at ISBA

Publishing in times of information crisis

The clear and context-driven approach of

How to get political: Due Collective on creating their identity for BeQueer

Designing solid, but smart work

Two heads are better than one!

Seeking for contemporary, fresh and unexpected ways

Giving insight into design practice: KD—Lounge

At the intersection of art and design

In search of typographic solutions

Fashion as a voice of the present

An interaction between eye-catching details and new technologies

The design of the “It’s a book” fair 2018 is between the OLD and the NEW

Poetic and unconventional: Creating images through typography

Typography as a visualisation of emotions

Collaborations as a creative playground

Form follows feelings