Venezia Fabrica Futura: An eco-critical laboratory explores Venice’s fragile ecosystem

Built on trust and responsibility, the collective practice of Niveau Zéro Atelier fosters mindful research and collaboration

Broos Stoffels and Illias Teirlinck take you through a hop-on/hop-off tour through Brussels, celebrating the multifaceted city

Johanna Invrea and MaggZ seek unusual combinations of movement and sculpture, exploring the possibilities and limitations of the human body

Designed by Max Schropp, the book “Cura Golpe” offers an in-depth look into the creative process of artist Edgar Unger

HOLON presents ‘LOOM’ by ATELIER-E, a never-ending weaving machine of algorithmic patterns and sounds

Finding common ground between science and speculation with Irene Stracuzzi and Leeza Pritychenko’s astronomical installation “Enceladus”

Musicians WEȽ∝KER and visual artist Nicola Ellis jointly explore hyperreality on WEȽ∝KER’s latest release ENHANCER

Initiated by MONOMANGO, HOLON invites you to experience a new format for art, music, tech, and design

The interdisciplinary group show “Simulacrum 24/7” draws upon the idea of the mockup as the ultimate IRL-URL fusion

Solo Show is an interface for offsite exhibitions and independent creative work, initiated by Torre Alain and Ian Bruner

The collaborative project space ‘soft power’ encourages constructive, oppositional, and fluid discourses through art

Ula Lucińska and Michał Knychaus from Inside Job on how they combine ancient aesthetics and contemporary art in their recent exhibition ‘Breathing in the Shallows’

Lisa Ertel and Jannis Zell’s work creates a dialogue between nature and culture turning everyday objects, materials, and findings into art

Exploring the “Genius Loci” of an old monastery: Ten designers form a temporary collective to embark on a journey of self-reflection, creative exchange, and learning

The exhibition ‘Reality Kings’ by Willehad Eilers and Philip Mueller sheds light on the ignorance, beauty, and wastefulness of society

C24 Archive One – Book about Collaborations

Laila Saber Rodriguez and Andrea Galano Toro on the research-driven practice and raw, visual language of their collective Cruda

NEW DAWN | Tools to Touch in Times Ahead envisions a speculative future around one central object: the glove

Panama Papers Office on their collaboration with artist Timur Si-Qin for his Solo-Show “Take Me, I Love You” and the meaning of spirituality for the 21st century

Anna Zimmermann and Nadja Zerunian take a different approach to address the effects of lockdown and self-isolation in ‘Souvenirs of Loneliness’

Gabriel Massan talks us through the process of curating Alteamento, a virtual group exhibition featuring the work of 22 international artists

The collaboration between Aleksandrs Breže and Andris Eglītis blurs the line between nature and technology

The 3D Artwork “Acceleration Waltz” by James Jirat Patradoon and Jonathan Watkins feels like a dream state

Cindy Kutíková and Jiri Mocek on their type-led approach and launching a studio in the future

Trust, respect, and one love at the core of each collaboration

At the intersection of art and design