C24 Archive One – Book about Collaborations

In 2021 we are off to new adventures! As a printed counterpart to our digital platform, we will release our first book this spring, celebrating the partnership, support and trust we received in the last months. C24 Archive One serves as a printed archive of all artists that we worked with during the first year since our existence (June 2019 – July 2020), in order to bring an increased visibility and appreciation to the creative field. To realize the project, we launched our kickstarter campaign this Friday. 

We started this project in June 2019 to fuel a collaborative exchange between different disciplines and showcase the extraordinary work of creatives worldwide. Since then, we have featured over 200 artists on our digital platform, growing and learning with each contributor involved.


The C24 Archive One showcases the work of more than 100 international designers, artists, studios, labels and collectives, such as C’estainsiColin DoerfflerVirgile FloresYuen HsiehSamara KellerCindy KutíkováCharlotte RohdeRobucheLeah MaldonadoPanama Papers OfficeAda Sokółtypelab.fr and many more, as well as 6 exclusive collaborations by selected artists and interesting interviews, stories and essays on creativity, design and life. It was an incredible honor for us that so many artists invested their time and effort to contribute to this project.


The book is enriched by written texts of selected artists, such as Club Late Music, Eike König, Hiatus Collective, ALWFAV and Rory King in order to represent a broad range of perspectives. Apart from that, we showcase six exclusive collaborative artworks by Jonathan Castro and Delphine Lejeune, Nikita Savinov and Sam Balfus, Julia Kobel and Luca Büttner, Liel Bomberg and Karin Kimel, Kushagra Gupta and REO, and Horah Inc. The Inside Cover were designed by Quentin Gomzé and Friederike Hantel.


  • showcasing the work of over 100 designers and artists worldwide
  • including 6 exclusive collaborations by selected artists
  • including interviews, stories and essays on creativity, collaboration and life
  • limited amount of 500 copies
  • Format: 205x280mm
  • Volume: 304 pages
  • Cover: softcover
  • Language: English
  • Printing: Offset with 1 Pantone® spot color
  • Binding: Thread Stitching
  • Printed in Lithuania
  • Published by Present Books in spring 2021

Our special thanks to Steffen Bewer for the 3D Renderings, Biodiversità Records for the sound in our trailer and Dinamo for supporting us with their Typeface ‘Diatype’. 

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